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In this guide, we uncover 5 basic training exercises that are crucial to getting you ready for your next trekking adventure!


Why TrekFit Australia ?

Welcome to TrekFit Australia!

TrekFit Australia are leaders in pre-trek fitness and preparation. We have used our experience, expertise and knowledge to develop training programs that build you up and get you ready to experience that amazing trek.

In 2009, our Founder, Ruth Rampling embarked on her first ever multi-day trek. Not being one to do things easy, she booked myself in to trek the famous Kokoda Track. Not only did she have no idea what she was getting myself into, she had no idea how to train and prepare for such an incredible trek. It was from this experience that TrekFit Australia was born.

Since then Ruth has climbed Mt Kilimanjaro, Africa three times, Mt Rinjani, Indonesia, Mt Everest Base Camp, Nepal and Milford Sound in NZ.

While out trekking Ruth noticed that there were a lot of people out there trekking and really wanting to experience these amazing places, but unfortunately they were unprepared both physically and mentally. Some of the things she noticed were lack of fitness and endurance.

It is important to have endurance, especially when you are on a multi-day hike. It is ok to be able to walk for 10 to 15km in one day, but to then get up the next morning and do the same again, can be hard work.


Let’s Get Trek Ready!

Get yourself TrekFit in just 3 or 6 months with our trek training programs.


Why do you need to be trek fit?

This is a great question and one that we have spoken to a lot of people about. Interestingly, we have found out that there are common issues and questions around this.

Here are some of the common threads:

  • Not knowing where to start
  • Find that training on their own is difficult
  • Don’t want to be a burden on the trekking group by being too slow.
  • Unsure about what type of gear to buy.

Can you relate to any of these??  We are pretty confident that you do! And we understand them totally.

Thinking back to our first treks when we were unprepared and naïve. Having nobody to give us advice as to what training I needed to be doing, or what gear I needed.

We all lived to tell the tale, but now know that preparation is the key to having an amazing trek and finishing the trek preparing your next trek!


Where are we headed in 2017


Kumano Kodo – Japan

8 Day Trek

We will follow the Nakahechi Route and experience the pilgrimage of the ancient Buddhist monks.


Mt Kilimanjaro – Africa

8 Day Trek

Reach the summit of the World’s highest free standing mountain at 5896m above sea level.


Kokoda Track – Papua New Guinea

9 Day Trek

Walk in the footsteps of the brave for the 75th Anniversary of the Kokoda Campaign.


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