Day 7 – Karanga to Barafu Camp.

Today we climb from Karanga 3995m asl to Barafu 4673m asl. It is a steep section to start the day and we climb steadily until we reach the top of the ridge.

With every steep up, there is always a steep down and today was no exception. The trail was very rocky today and it was definitely looking like we were on the moon.
Everyone is doing really well and there are no signs of any effects of altitude sickness which is great.

It is a short day of trekking today and like yesterday, we are in camp by lunch time. The focus for this afternoon is to each a good lunch and then rest – tonight is summit night, so we need as much rest as possible.

The plan for tonight is to go to bed early – probably around 7.30pm and then we will be woken by our Porter crew about 11.15pm. I’m not sure there will be much sleeping, as the anticipation of waking up at 11.15pm will keep most of us awake.

Philip our Head Guide, gives us a thorough briefing about what will happen when we get up. We will have our tea and biscuits, then head on up the steep section to Stella Point. We need our head lights on and a set of spare batteries just in case. It will be a long, slow climb in the coldest part of the night.

We are woken at 11.15pm with a cup of tea and sweet biscuits. It is definitely hard to eat anything at this time of the evening.

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