Mt Kilimanjaro – last day on the mountain!

All of the Porters have a definite spring in their step today as we head off on our final day. It is a short day of only 3 hours trekking and the talk is very much focused on having a shower this afternoon.

Having had such a big day yesterday, everyone is still a little tired. The legs are feeling the pinch of dealing with so much down hill walking. From when we leave the summit to when we get back down to Mweka Gate, it’s all downhill. This does test those quad muscles quite a bit.

It has been an incredible 8 days and as a trek leader and guide, I always love to watch how each and every person grows throughout this experience. They now believe in themselves and what they are capable to achieving.

We can push ourselves to complete obstacles in our lives and sometimes it is just about keeping our mind under control. If we let our mind tells us that we need to give up – then that is what happens. If we remain focused, then we can and we do achieve incredible things.

Congratulations to all of my trekkers on such an incredible achievement.

If you are interested in coming along on our 2018 Mt Kilimanjaro Trek, here is the link!

Mt Kilimanjaro 2018

I would love to have you on board and if you want to have a chat about the trek, send me an email and I will be on the phone. Bookings for 2018 are open and are starting to fill.

Check out all the 2018 information here……..



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